This week in Vienna

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This week I had a few awesome experiences in Vienna. I visited the Egyptian exhibit in the Kunsthistorischen Museum. This Museum is HUGE and has a ton of branches. I have a pass to get into most of them so I will be going back and I'll have more pictures then. I also visited the National Treasury (it's another branch of the Kunsthistorischen). They had some amazing jewels in there...about 7000 years worth! They also had a lot of international treasures and favorite museum in Vienna so far!

This is the largest aquamarine on insane amount of karats....I can't remember but I think it was over 500....maybe.

Napoleon's first son's cradle.

Just one of the royal robes they had

One of the original crowns made for one king or another of the empire....pretty amazing!

I also saw My Fair Lady at the Volksoper. That's not the State Opera house....but the people's opera house....everything is cheaper and the people of Vienna can always find a show there in their own language. So, I got to watch an amazing musical completely in German! HA! I only knew the basic plot line to it was interesting trying to figure it out, but I love the show! It was even better because I paid 2 euro for standing room and it didn't fill up so they let the standing room only people sit in the audience...which was a good thing because the show was 3 hours long!


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