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So I've been around the world the past few days but I've spent very little time blogging...so sorry...
I posted this on my other blog so to save time and keep you all updated here it is!



My mom and I spent 6 days traveling around Ireland by rental car...it was amazing to spend time just me and my mom
Here are some highlights from the trip...

When I walked off the plane all alone I was feeling a bit lonesome.
Then, I looked over and saw this:

Just a grocery store...
I suddenly realized I was home.
Europe became like another home to me last year and I'm just happy to be back.
It's beautiful here!

Among other things:
1. I ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe (sorry no pictures- see reason #2)
2. Stayed up for about 56 hours straight (with a few power naps here and there)
3. Went to Trinity College and saw the book of Kells and this awesome tree:

Not only do I want this tree...but I feel in love with their library.

Two stories, old books, and a spiral staircase- it was a dream
I want a smaller version in my house someday.

4. I had a 5 hour conversation with the man sitting next me on the flight over here.
You know how sometimes you have those obligatory conversations with people next to you because they won't stop talking?
For once, this wasn't the case...our conversation was pretty cool. 
As is turns out Erik and his family live in Salt Lake City. He is from Dublin, is 5th generation LDS and....

Try having a conversation with a deaf person for that long without actually using sign language.

Yes, yes it was.

I love the trees in this country and I want to take them all home.

The tire incident on day 2.
My mom got a little too close to the curb and POP.
Huge hole and it was pouring rain.
Luckily we had a spare and the nice man down the street changed it for us.
He could not stop laughing at us.
I guess it was pretty funny.
My mom will never live it down

On to Kilkenny town and castle. 
It was amazing on the outside but very renovated on the inside.

The Rock of Cashel

Kissing the Blarney Stone. Legend has it you get the gift of eloquence if you kiss it. I'm not sure if that will happen, but I leaned backwards 200 feet in the air to kiss it so I hope so! 

more of Blarney Castle

This is Bantry house. Little town on the water and I never wanted to leave. 
I mean who wouldn't want to live in this house?!

Our crazy trip into the middle of nowhere!
We literally drove on roads like this for a few hours.
No one around us ... it was beautiful and a perfect way to see Ireland.
My mom did freak out a bit though because we had no extra tire and no one to help us if we broke down.... it would be a bit difficult to tell road side assistance where we were even if we could get a hold of them!

Muckross house in Killarney National Park.
One set of owners of this house went bankrupt preparing six years for Queen Victoria to visit them for TWO DAYS.

I was dressed in shorts but let me tell you I was freezing!

This was Bunratty. They had a medieval castle and village and we got to tour the whole thing. 
Two awesome things:
1. the castle was decked to the nines in real medieval everything and I could explore the whole thing
2. this little guy was so amazingly fat it was hilarious...he is in a pasture by the church in the village

Cliffs of Moher...once again freezing but it was AMAZING!

Back to Dublin to see Malahide Castle.
Someone lived here until 1975!

Then we flew home!
Best trip ever with my mom...I miss her so much already!

As you may have guessed...I'm in India now...I arrived earlier today.
I'll post about it soon!


Meryl McFarland said...

Holy CRAP! I LOVE the trees and the library and the castles and the scenery and your mom popping a tire! Sounds like an AMAZING trip!

Meryl McFarland said...

...and my parents agree.

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