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On Sunday we woke up to this:

The branch president didn't give us callings...instead, he asked us spread out and lift where we stand.
What's next?
Ale and Sean- Musical number. 
More updates on that later

Now for the good stuff
Secretly, or not so secretly I suppose- I've always wanted to be a wedding planner.
I REALLY wanted to go to a wedding in India
and last night, I got my chance
The couple was a friend of people in our branch and they asked our whole group to come

The happy couple.
To be honest- the bride seemed less than happy the whole night

but we were THRILLED

Getting the traditional wedding pictures taken

We were treated like honored guests and people could not stop taking pictures with us or asking us to dance!
They didn't want us to dance with them but FOR them.
Weird I know.
They seemed to think all white people are good dancers and kept playing American dance music to get the whole group to dance together.
We finally obliged and danced for about 1 minute before someone came up so say DO. NOT. STOP.
Eventually we had to...and the party left with us.
Literally...everyone walked out when we did.

I think the most fun I had was with all the kids at the wedding. 
They LOVE cameras and they got the biggest kick out of taking a picture with my camera...
Hence the reason there are a MILLION pictures of kids in this post.
These boys took my camera for a half and hour and took a LOT of pictures on it until it eventually died!

I'm not sure what they did to make the picture turn out this way...but I wanted you to see what was opposite of the stage.
There were a lot of people there to celebrate!

These are a few of the ones that I actually took...

It was amazing to see the traditions of an Indian wedding.
This was a tradition Hindu wedding.
Meaning it was arranged.
I wouldn't have been smiling that much either if it were my wedding.
What do you think it would be like to have your partner for the rest of your life picked for you?

The bride certainly looked beautiful but I only caught her smiling a few times....I really do hope she is happy

And the kids were at it again...
We tried to take a jumping picture

TRIED being the optimum word

The groom seemed thrilled!

Ah there's a smile....I think it might turn out to be a happily ever after

The happy couple and the white people...I hope this goes in their wedding album

And they fed us afterward

It was quite the party

I swear no one believes in trash cans here...even at weddings

Dessert wasn't cake
it was a cobbler nut concoction I still can decide if I liked...
but this little girl was darling

The girl on the right followed me around all night

I love weddings!
This is one of the coolest experiences I've had in India so far.
What better way to learn about a culture than at a wedding?


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