Hard Rock!

Author: Ale /

I love India.
I also love that I'm making some dear friends in India
On saturday we did some shopping at a market by our house

Then we headed here
One of the nicer, more westernized shopping malls in Hyderabad

And THEN we headed here
Now if you don't know my family I'll let you in on a little secret
It kind of a tradition to go to the Hard Rock in every country we are in

It was also nice to get a hamburger for the first time in a few months

We were all pretty happy to be there

This may look normal to you....but this is was heaven to us

On our way out they started dancing the YMCA

We may have joined in for a bit
Much to the enjoyment of the rest of the restaurant 

Such a fun night!
This place always reminds me of my dad...and his rock band days :)
I wish I could have continued on the tradition with my family there
 I suppose they will have to be content with the souvenirs I bought them that night
Happy Father's Day daddy!
I love you!


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