Time for school

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Yesterday a few of us traveled out to Shankardpally for the MV foundation
We met with village leaders, volunteers, and teachers
All dedicated to getting children in school

We really were in the middle of nowhere...

This is the outside of the school

The boys 

Teaching me how to play cricket

One of the boys told me I played better than anyone else in the game...quite the compliment for someone who has never played cricket before!

She was a great pitcher

I'd apologize for the way I look because: 
a) I haven't worn makeup since I got here
b) I brought like 3 pants and 5 shirts- all of which are getting threadbare already
c) It's like 100 degrees and the humidity is climbing

In the end...I don't really care
There are much bigger problems out there 
and nobody cares about the way I look- so there is NO need to be self conscious 

But now at least you know why I'm always wearing the same thing looking really hot and gross...

Us talking to the group

They really gave us great information about the kids and how they motive them to go to school

One of the teachers at the school

Playing more games

We found this at the school...the church really IS everywhere!

On the drive back

I learned a lot about the educational system in India 
They have a hard time getting kids to school because of child labor, indentured servitude, poverty, child marriages and so much more
It was interesting to hear them turn the tables on us and ask how America is on education
After explaining the system I realized that we aren't perfect by any means...
but compared to this
we are truly blessed to live in a place where education is a right and a privilege

I hope this manuel we are writing about MV Foundation's system on getting kids into schools and keeping them there will help other organizations in even more countries get kids in school and give them the opportunity to change their lives for the better


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