Being sick

Author: Ale /

After getting a cold over the weekend I seemed to get over it except for a little cough. My host mom Elizabeth heard me coughing last night and basically decided I was deathly ill. Here is how she took care of me:

1) 1) She got out a scarf for my neck (apparently this helps….but it’s not very comfortable when it’s starting to get REALLY hot and no one….I mean NO ONE believes in air conditioning in this country.

2) 2) She got out and herbal gel to rub on my chest

3) 3) She got out a thermometer and had me take my temperature (no worries….I was at 35.5 degrees Celsius….or about 97.5 I think)

4) 4) She got out vitamin c tablets to put in water and drink

5) 4) She gave me two different boxes of cough drops to try

6) 6) She got out another blanket to put around my shoulders and offered me more socks to wear (at some point I’m going to die of heat exhaustion!)

7) 7) And she made me herbal tea with honey and lemon

I’m not deathly ill but it’s nice to have someone to make a fuss over you when you are a little down….I have the best host mother in the world!


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