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This past weekend we took a trip to the Alps and stopped in Salzburg, Austria along the way. Honestly, Salzburg was kinda miserable when we were there. It was rainy and cold the ENTIRE day. We took the early train out of Vienna meaning I had only two hours of sleep. Once we got there we took a walking tour of the city for 2 ½ hours. It was interesting to some of the places they filmed “The Sound of Music” in Salzburg. It’s one of my all time FAVORITE movies! The rest of the day consisted of seeing other sites around the city and trying not to freeze to death in the rain! Salzburg has an amazing old cemetery. It was used in the film during the get-away scene if anyone is familiar with the movie but technically speaking it was not actually filmed in the cemetery out of respect for the dead. The cemetery was recreated on set. Either way it was amazing! It’s set against a steep rock wall and I made me think of how much my mom needs to see it….she loves old cemeteries like that. We also visited the Egg shop of Salzburg. They are known for their painted eggs here and this shop had thousands of them for every season! This is another place I know my mom and sister would love! After our day in Salzburg we took an hour train ride into Dorfgastein, Austria for a little weekend getaway in the mountains. And let me tell you- the hot shower I took when we arrived at our cute little bed and breakfast that night was the most amazing thing I have felt in my life….it had been so cold in Salzburg! I hope it’s not that cold and rainy when I go back the next time!

The steps where they sang "Do Re Mi" in the Sound of Music....they seem so much bigger in the movie...

In the main city gardens

Our tour guide Horst. I don't think words can explain this man. His name says it all.

There were flowers everywhere

The most expensive golden arches in the world.... literally...they are made out of pure gold. Horst told us.

Mozart's birthplace

oldest restaurant in the world....the date on the door says 806 A.D. and they actually have records to prove it was there and serving food since then!

The cemetery....absolutely amazing

A shopping street

Me and Jessica looking absolutely ridiculous in all of our layers but it was cold and wet so we looked dorky for the sake of being warm!

the egg shop!

View from the hill


Jeff and Ari said...

Wow ... it looks amazing!!

Meryl McFarland said...

Are the eggs real?
I LOVE the cemetery and city gardens!!!!

Ale said...

Thanks Ari...and Jeff...I can't tell which one of you wrote that....and yes the eggs are real! They cut a tiny hole and drain them and then they paint the huh? I love the cemetery and the gardens too....they were cool even in the rain and the cold!

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