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I spent the most AMAZING 8 days traveling to Barcelona, Spain, Venice, Italy, and Lake Bled Slovenia. Obviously I have a ton to write about and a LOT of pictures to post. Please bear with me if they are not in order or don't look that great. I had to take my small camera instead of my nicer one because I was pretty much backpacking through Europe and didn't have room!

Spain: Day 1

We flew to Spain and checked into our hostel. Our flight was at 6 am so by the time we got there it wasn't late in the day but we were tired so we headed straight to the beach. Luckily it was only a 10 minute walk from where we were staying. :)

We met a girl in our hostel....she was just leaving but she told us not to worry "The beaches are all topless you can wear whatever you want!" She wasn't kidding and I won't go into any more detail. Europe is such an interesting place! It was actually kinda of chilly on the beach that afternoon but it felt so nice to relax!

Later we got all dressed up and went to the Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona. I was Traveling with Mika, Amelia and Hannah. Amelia was our expert on German. Hannah is fluent in French. They left Spanish up to me. Everyone who knows me knows that I CAN NOT speak Spanish. The extent of my knowledge consists of "Como estas?" "Que hora es?" and "Que tiempo hace?" We needed directions to The Hard Rock so they put me in charge. It came out in a jumble of German, Spanish and English but somehow they understood "Entschuldigen? Como estas The Hard Rock Cafe?" Sometimes I struggle. Somehow we got there though...apparently I can still remember how to understand enough Spanish to get places! Eating at the Hard Rock was absolutely amazing. I haven't had American food in months!

They were having 70s night to celebrate 39 years in Spain and there was a live band placing classics like "Sweet Home Alabama" and the was SO MUCH FUN! We think the lead singer might have fallen in love with Amelia :)

Day 2:

We did a lot of sightseeing on our second day in Spain. First we went to see the Sangrada Familia Church. It was HUGE. It was the final masterpiece of Gaudi, started in 1882 and it's STILL not finished! Gaudi died in 1926 and there were no comprehensive plans for finishing it so they are literally making it up as the go along and I think that is slowing the process up a bit. They are hoping to finish it by huh?

We walked around a lot more and looked at more architecture by Gaudi. The three houses he designed for rich members of the community were amazing and I wanted to live in this was called the Casa Batllo.

We did a little shopping in Spain...I think I found the most hideous bathing suit EVER! it was denim...enough said.

This man was wearing a tea cup on his head. A tea cup. Europe never ceases to amaze me.

After that we ate burritos on the wharf. We walked in the most beautiful park with huge fountains and statues of elephants and we also saw the Arc of Triumph just like the one in Paris. I think feel in love with Barcelona at this point and I did not want to leave. EVER!

This park was beautiful!


Marshall arts dancers....this is for you Meryl.

Day 3:

We hiked to top of the hill in Barcelona and toured in the castle. The views from here were amazing! The city is huge and the water was so blue!

After that we headed to the beach in city. You might say we should have been doing more sightseeing but you have no idea how much we needed that afternoon at the beach!

Forgive me for looking like crap...I had just spent 4 hours on the beach....

A little bit later we watched Spain lose a game a world cup game while sitting on the beach...they were pretty disappointed.

They make the most amazing sculptures out of sand on the beach!

This one actually had a fire in it!

Fire and a waterfall....but you can't really see that...but trust me...they were cool!

Later we went to dinner with some random recent Air Force graduates who were vacationing there and got gelato afterwards.

The next morning we headed we caught a plane to Venice, Italy. I miss Spain is honestly the most beautiful place and so different from this side of Europe! On to Venice....


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