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I know I'm neglecting this blog 
(I say that every time I post I swear)
I'm traveling for the next three months though so I promise you'll be hearing more from me.
I leave in a few hours to drive to Long Beach, California. From there, I'm leaving on a cruise to Mexico :)
I get back on friday, drive straight home and leave on a flight to London the next morning!
Meryl and I are going to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Hallstatt, Salzburg, Venice, Cinque Terre, and Milan by plane, train, bus and a LOT of walking.
I couldn't be more excited :) 
We are bound to have MANY adventures... you'll be seeing a lot of those adventures later don't worry!
As soon as I get back from Europe I have 12 hours to sleep and drive to Idaho for my first week as an EFY counselor. 
Then...I get back- have a few days to recover, and head to Oregon. 
After a glorious time there (yes, I already know it's going to be glorious) I'll head to the midwest to start EFY counseling there.
Basically, I won't be home for more than 48 hours for the next 3 months...
Life is beautiful.


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