And They Said, "Speak Now!"

Author: Ale /

So E and I are kind of Taylor Swift fanatics....
or at least we think we are.
So, when we heard she was coming to Salt Lake we were quick to get tickets.
The night of the concert we met up with a few other fanatic friends
(Don't be fooled by the fact that me and E and the only ones without handmade T-Swift shirts on - I missed the memo and came straight from work....I'm not sure what E's excuse was. Either way we are still HUGE fans.)

We took pictures with a larger than life version of our favorite girl and then headed into the concert.

E and I were in the nosebleeds, but that didn't dampen our spirit!
Can't you just feel our excitement from our faces?!
We spent most of the hour before Taylor went on trying to win a place in the pit so we could actually touch her...but that didn't work we settled in and sang our hearts out to EVERY word of EVERY song.
Bliss. Pure bliss.

The finale couldn't have been more perfect:
Think Love Story meets 14,000 screaming girls meets a flying Taylor Swift meets glitter - EVERYWHERE. 

Taylor, we were enchanted to meet you.



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